About US

Trusted for Generations

At Karpinski & Stapleton, P.C., many of our clients have continued with the firm over the passing of generations, some in a corporate capacity and some as younger generations of the same family. We are dedicated to our clients, both new and existing, and to their specific and evolving needs.



In 1935, John J. Karpinski joined the Wills Law Office in Auburn, located on the second floor of the Auburn Savings Bank Building. John soon became widely recognized as a talented and conscientious practitioner, with an expertise in real estate and estate matters. He added substantially to the firm’s clientele during his forty years of practice, earning the loyalty of many individuals, families, and local banks and businesses. He was known as a quiet and thoughtful man, gentle in manner and remarkable in intellect, who was utterly devoted to his work, family, and community.

T. David Stapleton, Jr. joined the law office of his father-in-law in 1967. In 1970, John A. Karpinski joined his father’s practice. After John J. Karpinski passed away in 1975, the two remaining partners formed Karpinski & Stapleton, P.C.. In 1996, the firm moved its office to the Genesee 110 Building in Auburn.

We are mindful and appreciative of our legal roots and especially the work of John J. Karpinski who preceded us. His extraordinary commitment and reputation have set the standards of integrity and client service to which we strive in our daily practice.