About Us

Making a Difference in the Lives of Our Clients for Over Four Generations

It is our goal to make a difference in the lives of our clients by providing legal services which set the highest standards for excellence, service and integrity, and which exceed client expectations.

Making a difference in the lives of...

Our Senior Clients. We provide a full range of services tailored to the concerns of our clients as they reach their senior years. We take pride in our reputation for leadership in guiding clients through areas of our expertise in Elder Law, Estate Planning and Administration and Medicaid Planning.

Families of deceased loved ones. Our firm has a long and proud tradition of handling, with sensitivity and skill, all aspects of Estate Administration for the families of the deceased. We are there to bring our expertise to the many facets of resolving issues surrounding a recent death. These situations are often intensely disruptive and disorienting. We understand the need for guidance and availability during such a stressful period.

Clients selling or buying real estate. The firm was founded on and has advanced by virtue of its solid expertise and service to clients engaged in selling or purchasing Real Estate. In addition to the full resources of our office, we have three paralegals dedicated exclusively to serving the needs of clients in this area. Further, in order to more completely and effectively serve our clients’ needs, we have received designation as agents for several title insurance companies, allowing us to provide coverage when title problems arise and need immediate resolution. We are also proud to represent a substantial number of lenders in the community to assist clients in finding appropriate sources of financing for this lifetime investment.

Small business entrepreneurs. We bring decades of experience to the challenge of guiding entrepreneurs in the establishment and administration of their Small Business. More than preceding generations, today the economic life’s blood of this community is dependent on the success of local small business. We are proud of the history of our involvement on behalf of those successful businesses, formed and operated as either corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships or sole proprietorships.

Those in the Community. We firmly believe in contributing to the community we serve. Each of the members of the firm comes from a family history rooted in Cayuga County for multiple generations, and we zealously believe in the importance of serving the community in ways to make it better for our families, neighbors, friends and clients. The biography of each lawyer reflects our individual and collective Commitment to our Community.