• Estate Planning & Administration

    The primary purpose of estate planning is to insure that the client’s intentions are realized in the transferring of wealth to family and future generations. The process of managing a person's affairs after death and the distribution of assets is known as estate administration.

  • Elder Law

    Elder Law is an area of law that emerged in the early 1990s in response to the ever-increasing needs of an aging and disabled population, bringing together several disciplines in the practice of law to address the concerns and problems facing our senior citizens. Those concerns revolve primarily, but not exclusively, around the challenges of asset preservation and the smooth transfer of assets from the older generation to loved ones, either within the same or younger generations.

  • Real Estate

    Our firm has placed a strong emphasis on representing clients in real property matters, representing buyers and sellers and lending institutions in both residential and commercial real estate markets.

  • Business & Commerce

    We bring decades of experience to the challenge of guiding entrepreneurs in the establishment and administration of Corporations or Limited Liability Companies.

  • Litigation

    Our firm provides quality and cost-effective attorney representation of individuals and businesses in pre-litigation negotiation and in-court litigation of lawsuits. Our client’s best interest directs our approach as litigation can be stressful, costly, and time-consuming.